Jen Schmetzer Selfie

Jen Schmetzer


Mission: To create one-of-a-kind jewelry and art objects using traditional and modern techniques; and to teach those techniques to others through pictures, videos, and written instructions.

About the Artist

Since a very young age, I have pushed myself to create art pieces that are as flawless as possible. I had a natural attraction to the intricate field of metalsmithing and jewelry design, in which I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University in 2005. For three years I taught introductory and intermediate metalsmithing. Despite struggling with debilitating mental and physical illnesses, I find great joy in practicing and teaching these techniques.

What is a Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is found in most cultures and beliefs, representing knowledge, family, and insight into one's self. It alludes to our strong communal and personal roots, the weathering and regrowth we all face, and the resulting branches and blossoms in life.

Making wire-wrapped trees is very meticulous work, and almost meditative to me in its repetition. Every tree I hand-twist comes out a little bit different. Like real trees, each one is a truly unique piece of art.